FRUCTUS Airdrop Coin 2018 | Crypto Airdrop Alert

Project Description : Fructus is a project aiming to change the business of fresh produce trade and delivery. Starting in the diverse agricultural landscape of Europe, we see an opportunity to scale and change the world.

How to Join This Crypto Airdrop ?


1. Register an account 
2. Update your profile with your ETH address
3. Go to the 'Airdrop' page 
4. Perform different tasks - Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and LinkedIn, you will get an amount FRUCTUS for every completed task.
5. Invite friends. Succeeded airdrop tasks by your referral(s) gives you FRUCTUS bonus
6. FRUCTUS will be airdropped to your ETH wallet within a month after the ICO ends.

Referral bonus

1. Each level 1 referral that finished airdrop tasks by your referral(s) gives you 10 FRUCTUS bonus.

- Referrals need to finish at least 2 airdrop tasks to receive FRUCTUS bonus
- There is no cap on the amount of referrals neither the referral bonus.

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