CoinJanitor ico

Restoring lost value into the cryptocurrency markets.

Ethbay ico

World's First Decentralized Peer to Peer Ethereum Marketplace

Cubo Token ico

World’s first game-based online educational platform based on the Blockchain technology working

Crosspays Token ico

The self-regulating marketplace and social network.

Silver ICO List

Discover the List of best upcoming ICOs ,ongoing ICOs (initial coin offering). Below is a ico list of cryptocurrencies which are our silver sponsored. If you want to invest in the new upcoming ICOs that looks interesting to you, Please do some research on the project first
Note : Gold & Silver Listing does not related to the quality of ICOs

Opens on 26 Jun
Commerce & Advertising
Bob's Repair 
Ends on 30 Apr
Identity & Reputation
Ends on 31 Mar
Artificial Inteligence
Ends on 20 Apr
Trading & Investing