Cardonio ICO Review

The Crypto Credit Card setting a new standard


Members use their Crypto as security and have 90 days to settle their Credit Card bills. Using Cardonio means you get all the upside of Crypto increasing in value with no risk if it drops with automatic settlement features to prevent any liability.

Here at Cardonio we believe that cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world. They can change the entire distribution of wealth, and give the two billion unbanked people access to the same type of financial services that everybody else has. We are developing financial products that solve real problems around the world for millions of people.

The core management team is made up of executives with global experience from some of the most innovative Companies within financial services and technology. We believe we have the right team to execute real change as our leadership team has spent the best part of 15 years developing digital payment and banking solutions globally.


Kateryna Smetanina
Alan Chang
Chief Executive Officer
Kateryna Smetanina
Ryan Slater
Chief Technical Officer
Kateryna Smetanina
Jeff Thompson
Chief Financial Officer
Kateryna Smetanina
Adrian Smith
Expansion Manager




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ICO Ended

15 Feb 2019

Token name
Cardonio Token
Initial offering 15 August 2018 $0.02, PHASE 1: 15 September 2018 $0.10, PHASE
Start Date
15 Aug 2018
Finish Date
15 Feb 2019
Total Supply
550,000,000 CDO
Soft cap
220,000,000 CDO - 16 mill
Hard cap
360,000,000 CDO - 80 mill
United Kingdom
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