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Who are we?

XBrick is a global digital assets trading platform, a crypto currency exchange, operated under X Blockchain Pty Ltd registered & headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The XBrick core team members consist of directors and senior executives who have worked at listed companies on the ASX, and renowned Australian family private equity groups. The core team has rich experience in investment banking, finance and senior management from world-class financial institutions.  

Why are we here?

We see many problems with crypto exchanges around the world and, functionally, we target the three main issues:

  1. Information/Price Asymmetry and non-transparency – too many exchanges trading one token/coin at the same time; how can one keep up with all of the respective liquidity and prices?
  2. Market depth and Order Book dispersion – How could one trade efficiently if volume and depth of a particular token shifts from one exchange to another so quickly? And how can a trader in this 24/7 and 365 days non-stop markets get some personal time?
  3. Multi-leveled account management  - How can the big ticket institutions manage their senior/junior traders?

Why are we going to win?

To tackle the above issues traders are experiencing today, XBrick has entered into a an exclusive partnership with strategic partner LiquidAlpha, an professional trading team and developers with decades of experience in quantitative and high-frequency trading and first tier exchange market-making, where XBrick and LiquidAlpha have been working together to develop a mature technology that continuously scans and collects transactional liquidity information from all over the world to form a simple, accessible Global Consolidated Order Book (GCOB), and Dynamic Liquidity Providing Engine (DLPE) that provides liquidity under specific market conditions, together these can provide XBrick users the highest liquidity and most favorable market prices. Furthermore, XBrick will provide institutional level Wall Street Order functions for our users as our ultimate aim is to optimize users experience at all fronts.

Why creating the XBrick Coin (XBC)?

As the platform token of the XBrick platform, XBC enables token holders to settle transaction fees on the platform at 50% discount. Of the portion of XBC received as a fee by the platform, 20% to 80% will be burned and destroyed directly.  XBrick is the first one to initiate this operation model in the industry. This leaves the process unaffected by taxation and various accounting factors and precisely, because this does not involve any financial management, the whole process is rather transparent to the market.  Under this model, the more transactions the platform handles, the stronger the token destruction power.

The five fundamental functions of XBC:

1, XBC can be used to settle transaction fees and other expenses on XBrick

2. XBC considers to develop its own public blockchain

3. XBC can be used to purchase privileged services on the platform

4. XBC is one of the benchmark currencies on the platform

5. XBC holders enjoy priority access to pre-selected token-sale projects in the community


Kateryna Smetanina
Ye Zhao
Chief Executive Officer
Kateryna Smetanina
Bill Richie Yang
Chief Operations Officer
Kateryna Smetanina
Yuan Cheng
Trading System Advisor
Kateryna Smetanina
Dwayne Gamman
System Development Advisor





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ICO Ended

01 Jul 2018

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XBrick Coin
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11 Jun 2018
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01 Jul 2018
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